A Case Study of Rabies in a Two Month Old Bull Calf in Bauchi, Nig

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M. Dauda
Y. J. Atuman
G. S. N. Kia
D. O. Omoniwa
I. S. Tekki


On 8th November, 2019, a herdsman brought a complain to the clinic of the National Veterinary Research Institute, Bauchi outstation laboratory, Bauchi state, Nigeria, of his 2-month-old calf which was bitten 6-weeks ago by his unvaccinated suspected rabid dog, which was responsible for guarding the cattle herd. The calf had been showing some nervous signs and was unable to suckle 2 days prior to the case presentation. During a visit to the herd, the following observations were made on the calf: abnormal bellowing, drooling salivation, emaciation, hypersensitivity, inability to suckle, straining, dehydration, epilation and scars of healed wounds on the forelimbs. The calf was euthanized, a portion of the brain was collected and sent to Rabies Laboratory of the National Veterinary Research Institute, Vom, Plateau state, Nigeria for confirmatory diagnosis using direct fluorescent antibody test (FAT). The brain tissue sample was positive for rabies. The hard to reach nomadic cattle herders with rabies unvaccinated dogs guarding their herds could hinder rabies national control and elimination program. Although cattle are dead-end hosts, human exposure is possible due to close contact which may expose man to infected saliva, aerosol and splashes of infected tissues at slaughter. Therefore, there is need for equitable transfer of knowledge on prompt reporting of dog bite cases and urgent national implementation of strategic rabies elimination program to prevent economic losses or/and rabies transmission to humans.

Zoonoses, FAT, quarantine, euthanasia, rabies, bull- calf.

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Dauda, M., Atuman, Y. J., Kia, G. S. N., Omoniwa, D. O., & Tekki, I. S. (2020). A Case Study of Rabies in a Two Month Old Bull Calf in Bauchi, Nig. Asian Journal of Research in Animal and Veterinary Sciences, 6(3), 32-36. Retrieved from https://www.journalajravs.com/index.php/AJRAVS/article/view/30116
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